Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pillowcase dresses

Here are some of the pillowcase dresses that I've made recently.

This one is a favourite - it's from one of Nana's old pillowcases (I remember them from when we used to stay over at her house). There were yellow, pink and purple pillowcases. I made 2 others for Nana's other great grandchildren. I kept the yellow for Lola. It's still too big - but that's the beauty of these dresses - I can just do big bows to keep it on her :) and yes - she has worked out how to undo the straps..
And here is Lola reluctantly modelling one of the dresses I made for my cousin's baby's first birthday.
This is a better shot of the dress (I think this photo was taken before the screaming started)..

This was the very first one that I ever made. The pattern I used is from
After making this one - I stopped using that pattern though, and modified it slightly. I put elastic across the front instead of threading the bias binding the whole way across.

This is the same dress on a hanger :) (showing the 'stitched with love by me' tag that my Mum bought me when I started sewing)

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  1. Love the pillowcase dresses....I'm sure I remember having them when I was litte!