Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fathers day gift

September this year was our family's 'first fathers day'.. I wanted to make something special, so I stitched up this satchel from Amanda Soule Blake's Handmade Home book

I wanted to make something for Si from Lola that he will keep forever. He can use this satchel to keep special things he gets from his daughter over their lifetime.

I handstitched some words on the front - and also lined the satchel with some fabric from Nana's stash

In the satchel was a photobook I made of all the photo's of father and daughter so far (and there were a lot!).
Oh and he also got breakfast in bed (which we soon learnt isn't as easy as we'd hoped it would be).. Lola kept crawling over the bed trying to grab everything on the tray.. we thought for sure we were going to have breakfast literally 'in our bed'.. but it wasn't too bad in the end!

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  1. Nice job! I love the bird's head peaking out of the satchel!