Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1st Birthday cake

So, Lola's party is not till this weekend - but being a first time "mother of the birthday girl", I needed to practice my cake decorating to make sure it was perfect for the party. So Si and I decided to make a 'test run' cake for the actual birthday to work out what works and what doesn't. So last night I made Lola's iggle piggle birthday cake.

I realised pretty quickly that ready to roll icing/fondant is more difficult and takes more practice than I first thought (the 'experts' showing me how to do it on youtube didn't help either).. So after 'removing' the layer of cracked fondant - I decided to ice it with regular icing instead (i have the most kickass pack of Wilton icing colours).. so the blue came up really nicely and I made his blanket and 'features' with fondant.

In the end I think it turned out well - and most importantly the birthday girl loved it too.

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