Sunday, March 4, 2012

Easter Bunny Bunting

The kids are doing much better at kindy.  9 weeks in, we're able to say our goodbyes each morning without the screaming and the horrific looks of betrayal Lola used to send my way. And while Andrew's protests were never as dramatic as Lola's, he is now content to be left to play in the sandpit each morning.

There is an event coming up at the C&K kindy, and it will involve an Easter raffle as a fundraiser. Donations were called for, and after a trawl through Pinterest, I decided to make some Easter bunny bunting (first blogged about by Dana).

Every Easter for the last few years has involved some craft (see here, and here) but the searching this year was definitely made easier with Pinterest.  I cut out the bunnies Friday night, and sewed it up Saturday night (oh how my life has changed).  Lola actually helped a little, by picking which colour cotton best matched each bunny.

If it turned out well, I had planned on making another set for our home.  And while I love the way it sewed up in the end - it was too fiddly and time consuming for me to contemplate another :)  So I will take it in to kindy with the kids in the morning, and donate it to another family.