Thursday, October 22, 2009

Invites and Thank you cards

I loved the invite that we made for Lola's party. We both loved how 'off centre' the photo was - and the blue sky was asking for something to fill it (it's a Canadian summer day sky). So I added text to give party details (which I've scribbled out for posting on here) and away we went :)

For the thank you cards - I wanted to use the same concept (writing over the blue sky), and use a photo of the birthday girl at the party. But just between me andyou (my two blog followers) - I didn't have any good photo's from the party - so I dressed lola up again a few days later and went and took these shots :) We're not sure which photo to use as the thank you card. we each have our favourites -but what do you think?

I'm going to handwrite thank you notes on a piece of paper - and stick that to the back of the photo.


  1. i like the last one. Kat xxx

  2. ha! i also like the last one, can we please have that one?