Thursday, October 29, 2009

My bedside

I'm participating in my very first "My place and Yours" through Meet me at Mike's website. Such a great idea to inspire people to blog (who doesn't love a glimpse of someone else's life).. The bedside one is a great idea.

I've taken my photographs this afternoon.. And while I was tempted to do a bit of ‘arranging’ of items (add a couple of cool things here, take away some of the daggy stuff like my women’s weekly mag), I resisted. If I’m going to be honest, and embrace my individuality – I’m going to admit to the world that I read ‘ladies magazines’ (my favourite part is the cooking and craft sections though)..

So here it is in all it’s glory..

To explain a few things

- The baby monitor has been used maybe 3 times since Lola was born. Who needs a monitor when your baby is asleep only inches from you (with her foot in your face most of the time)
- The drink bottle is what I’m trying to give Lola in the night when she wakes wanting ‘comfort’.. she’s not stupid though, and she cannot be fooled into believing it’s mummy.
- The paw paw ointment needs no explanation. It’s a cure all for everything.
- The pile of magazines (and catalogues) is only occasionally flicked through. I used to read before going to sleep, but now I don’t want to wake anyone by turning my lamp on, so I don’t get to read hardly at all these days.
- Anne of Green gables was bought for $5 at Vancouver airport with our last Canadian dollars on a recent holiday (July 09). I read it as a kid, but want to read it again.
- And the Moleskin notebook is my Lola journal. I’ve been writing to her since before she was born. And I stick stuff in it – bandaid from her first immunization – hospital wrist band etc. there are notes sticking out of it from the time I tried to document her ‘routine’ (like I could try and use the information for ultimate power)... What a mistake that was J
- I don’t think there’s anything else noteworthy. Let me know if anything else warrants further explanation?


  1. Hi, lovely blog you have here! Lots of iinteresting books and mags there, and like my bedside, they end up on the floor as well :) I like the front cover of Anne of Green Gables...reminds me of Lauren Child's illustrations.

  2. I was obsessed with ann of green gables as a young girl! every LM Montgomery book ever written i owned. . . i feel a little jealous that you are keeping a lola journal. i've tried and failed but now i feel badly about it xx

  3. Hi Julie, thanks for popping over for a visit. I am impressed with your rate of craft, you've made a lot of stuff. Your blog will be handy for me, you've made a lot of the stuff I want to make but have probably lost track of on the interweb. I love that you are a happy new mum.