Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thermomix philosophising..

5 weeks ago, my family bought a Thermomix.  I decided it needed to be blogged about because it's been quite an 'event' in our household, but I don't quite know what to write about it.  In the last five weeks, I've prepared a fairly even rate of successes/failures.   There is a definite steep learning curve (as there is with anything new?) but the more I use it, the more confident I feel.   The contents of our pantry has changed a lot too since it arrived. We have way more nuts, grains, flours in our pantry and fruit and veg in our fridge. I am loving the Northey Street markets every Sunday morning - I swear I've never bought so many lemons in my life?!

I will admit though, some evenings I feel overwhelmed by it all. I want to whip up a whole food / gourmet / flavour rich / soul liberating dinner that the whole family will love to eat - but we're so not there yet.. And I remind myself often that the thermomix bloggers that I love, took some time to get there too.    So instead I'll use the thermomix to make a nice salad to accompany our dinner, and while the oven is on, i'll make a batch of cookies in it as well.

And I must say, I have made some incredible things in it - the kneading setting is awesome and has made some killer breads. I've made a fantastic coleslaw in no time at all, and Simon made some great cocktails at Easter time.

I've been to a couple of cooking classes lately and I leave there feeling refreshed and excited about trying new things. I think I'm reaching a turning point where I'm learning from my mistakes and feeling more in control. Menu planning is helping, and we are starting to embrace the new tastes (although Lola is still not sure about quinoa - despite us telling her it was like magic gum that pops in your mouth!).

I love my thermomix, and any issues I've had are purely my own insanities (it's not you, it's me :)).  I've decided I'm going to go back to the oldest entries of my thermomix bloggers, and read their oldest posts rather than their newest ones. I bet their experiences will be the same as mine to start with :) and every now and then I can jump to their latest posts to get inspired about the potential this amazing appliance will one day soon have in my home :)

Some photo's from my first day of thermomixing - marble cake, beetroot hommus and Anzac cookies.