Sunday, January 9, 2011

His first mama made item..

So I've realised that to fit sewing into my new '2 child' life - I'm going to have to seize moments whenever I can.  And so it was to be, on this rainy, Sunday morning  - while Lola played with stickers and Simon cleaned the kitchen - I stole time to make Andrew his first mama made item. And of course, it was the trusty, never fails - hat! (first blogged about here) Perfect for a Brisbane summer (although it would be better if it was waterproof this year).  I made him the toddler size, which I figured could be a bit big for him at the moment (being only 4 weeks old) - but he's growing at an alarming rate and too big is definitely better than too small.

I'm yet to 'officially' see his first smile (Daddy says he got one the other night when putting him to bed) - but I think this picture shows that a smile for his Mummy isn't too far off..

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