Saturday, January 15, 2011

The wettest Summer in Brisbane

While I don't have any statistics on whether this really has been our 'wettest' summer ever, it genuinely feels like it must be. We're currently in the middle of severe flooding here in Brisbane and it makes you feel as though Mother Nature surely is cross at us for something.

We've been really fortunate where we live to not be physically affected by the flooding, but it's impossible not to be emotionally affected by the tales of survival, and seeing grown men break down in tears on the television. 

But I wanted to show some pictures of how we've passed the time throughout this wet, Brisbane summer. We've all gone a little loopy from being indoors, but the sun has finally started to come out in the past few days. Trying to think of ways to keep the 2 yr old busy without her catching pneumonia has been a struggle, but here are some of those times..

Dancing with Daddy in her new 'supersized' raincoat

Showing off her new gumboots

Surfing on her new $5 boogie board

Making noodles with playdough

Feeding the ducks (I realise there are no ducks in the pic - but I loved the action shot and there IS 'flying bread' which is pretty cool)

And what has baby Andrew been doing all Summer?

Lots of dreaming..

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