Sunday, September 19, 2010

This weekend

It's late Sunday afternoon, and I felt like writing about what a nice weekend we'd had.. Saturday Lola and I took a trip to Brisbane Markets to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables. I was a bit anxious about whether I'd be able to maneouvre the pram around enough to actually be able to buy anything - but I was stoked when I got there.  The aisles were super wide and even though it was packed with people (which is enough to put  me off most times) - everyone was super friendly and everyone had either a trolley (for their stash of fruit and veges) or a pram, so we were all in the same boat.

Not only did we pick up some bargain seasonal fruit and veg (250g strawberry punnets for $1) but I also found an old school original Tupperware beetroot dispenser for $10 (they now sell new for $42). It's just like Mum has, and I've always wanted one (I found some awesome retro tupperware photo's on flickr but this one below shows it the best - although this one is green - and mine's dark brown!). Back in the day it was called a 'pickle dispenser' but I've always known it to be full of beetroot :)

Image from here
Anyway, we also found some great Columbian coffee, delicious pink cupcakes and I also picked up some strawberry plants for our garden. So all in all, it was a successful trip.

And today we celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday with a family bbq down at Fingal Head (northern NSW). It was an overcast day, but the rain held off and it was so nice to sit back and let others run around after Lola while I caught up with Aunties and Uncles..

Lola and Kel made a cool sand turtle on the beach, and after lunch we watched Poppy blow out his 90th birthday candles (My Aunty had picked up a 9 candle instead of a 6 and Dad never even noticed)

Oh and I wore my new grey and white striped skirt (which I made on Friday) and will blog about once I photograph it :)

So Happy 60th/90th birthday to the best Dad, and I hope everyone's weekend was as nice as mine.

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  1. Ah mumma bear, it was actually a ladybird not a turtle (though I admit my creativity isn't so good and they do look the same!) The aim was for it to match the ladybird on Lola's crocs.

    Oh and for Lola's imput its not really an insect as she decided she didnt like its 6 legs so it ended up with only 5!