Saturday, September 11, 2010

Maternity skirt.. maybe

I have this lovely grey striped knit fabric that I bought about a month ago at Spotlight.. It was on a clearance rack and I bought a metre and a half with no particular project in mind..

Well wouldn't you know it - now I have a project in mind, but not enough fabric. I have a very well worn maternity skirt that I wore a lot when I was pregnant with Lola - and it's still ok for round the house - but not so nice anymore for when we go out.  But it's such an easy style to wear, and I 'think' (possibly this could be where I make my big mistake) that it also looks easy to sew?

So I traced a panel of the skirt (there are 8 panels all in a triangle shape) and also traced the band around the top of the skirt.  But before I start - I need to see if I can get 1 more metre of the fabric (I can do 6 panels and the band- but I need two more!)..

Anyway, I'll keep you posted if I can find more fabric - and also how the project progresses (hopefully it will).


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