Friday, September 10, 2010

Please start to grow Fruit trees?

I'm in a sewing 'lull' at the moment (I blame it on burn out after the 'frenzy' that created Lola's quilt) but I have spent a bit of time in the garden.

Our tomato plants are producing loads of awesome tomatoes and I love this photo that shows how busy things are underneath all the foliage (is it just us, or do all home gardeners use whatever they can find to support their tomato plants? in our case it was a broken clothes line)..

But I really wanted to use this blog post to keep a record of how our fruit trees are going. It feels like they've been planted for ages (when really, it was only the beginning of April that we planted them - which is 5 months ago).. but with Winter just ending - I feel like the 'growing' is about to begin..

So I have photographed them and measured them for record keeping purposes :) and now I'm going to record their specifications on this blog post (click away now if other people's citrus trees bore you..)

Lemon Tree
Details: Citrus x limon "Eurekea"
Rootstock Swingle (East Coast Citrus, NSW)
Plant height as at Sept 2010: 1mtr 3cm

Lime Tree
Details: Lime Tahitian
Rootstock Trifoliata
Plant height as at Sept 2010: 1mtr 17cm

Lychee Tree
Details: Litchi chinesis (Bowsworth 3)
Plant height as at Sept 2010: 1mtr

Mandarin Tree
Details: Mandarin Emporor
Rootstock: Trifoliata
Plant height as at Sept 2010: 1mtr 3cms


  1. love your work Jules! Looking good :)

  2. Soooooo GREAT you can grow those trees in QLD... I'll make sure I visit in Lychee season!!!

  3. Umm call me blonde (which of course I am) but some sisterly advice, I once heard that fruit trees (namely citrus)took quite a few years to actually produce decent crops.. They have to grow and then mature. Maybe that was just Nanas passionfruit vine? But who ever said some love and sunshine couldn't produce great things.