Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2 new skirts

Following on from my blog post last week, I finished my first attempts at maternity clothing.

Skirt 1 was made by tracing a pattern off an existing skirt I had. It was a $20 K-Mart skirt which I wore to death while I was pregnant with Lola - and I didn't expect it to last a second pregnancy.  It was a simple 8 panel skirt (long, triangle shaped panels) with a band around the top. Turned out it was super easy to make - and I got to use the grey striped fabric I bought a few weeks back. I'm not sure yet whether it's maybe a "just around the house" skirt (the fabric is fairly thin and it's necessary to choose the right knickers to wear under it!) but we'll see how my standards drop the further through this pregnancy that I progress :)

Here are some bad self-timer photographs I took today (Lola was so funny - she kept following me and smiling but I'm sure she couldn't work out what was going on)..

And skirt 2 was something I had been thinking about doing for a while. You see, I bought a dress a year or so ago from Myer. I was looking for a light, summer dressing gown/robe, and this wrap around dress was perfect (it was on sale - and it was about 3 sizes too big).  So I started wearing it as a dressing gown - and after a while I decided that I quite liked the fabric and wanted to wear it out as a dress (which is what it was designed as) - but everytime I did - Simon would ask me 'why are you wearing a dressing gown out to the shops?'.. Not sure if this story is as funny to everyone else as it was to me, but needless to say - the dress/dressing gown had an identity crisis and needed a new life.  So today I decided to cut it in half and use the bottom half to make a skirt.  

Here are some before, during and after photo's:

Hope you also like the 27 week pregnant tummy included in this skirt photo :)

I'm fairly happy with my efforts over the last few days of sewing. I now have a few maternity skirts that should get me through the hot Queensland summer that's coming up. And I've never been all that confident with making things for myself - so I'm starting to think I'm working towards overcoming that fear.


  1. love the photos and i think your skirts look great!! Good on you for making them yourself - i love the grey striped one!

  2. nice julie! dressing gown refashion turned out awesome me thinks :)

  3. Wow Jules, they look fantastic!! You can make a little wrap top with the top half of the red one too!! Clever pants that you are x

  4. I think you look fabulous!! and i can see why Simon is a bit confused bout the whole dress/dressing gown thing... lol

    xx michelle, zachary and Jake xx