Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday mornings

My favourite thing to do on a Sunday morning, is to get up as early as I can (preferably before the children so that I don't feel as guilty for ditching them), and head out to the Discovery markets in Rocklea.

This is generally how my morning goes: Arrive at the markets around 6.30.  Have a quick chat about how cold it is with the ladies at the front gate and then give them my dollar. Head to the coffee van and order a flat white - extra hot (I like to hold onto my coffees for a while :). Go to the furtherest aisle from the entry and start the treasure hunt :)

There are my favourite regular stalls that I always look for: There's a lady who puts aside ponies for me (after we bought a bag off her about 2 months ago) and there's the kettle corn van where I have to buy popcorn for Simon.  And this morning, I found a cool old fella selling these awesome old Twinings tins for only a dollar each.

I also picked up a princess costume for only $5 (will blog about it another day), a bunch of beautiful, vintage needlework pieces for only $5, a 50c pony, a $6 raggy mat (to keep my feet warm while I stand at the sink), and a tray of freshly laid eggs (2 and a half dozen for $8).

I think it was a very successful morning, and better still - Si and the kids were in a great mood when I got home.  Sometimes it's nice for everyone when Daddy's in charge for a time.


  1. i love those tins! new tea storage system perhaps?

  2. I love those tins! I remember my mum having them in the kitchen. They were tre posh! My brother, who worked at Myer, Coorparoo, got them for her for Christmas one year! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! And, it's always good when Daddy's in charge :)