Friday, June 24, 2011

Dolls houses and easter

Easter came and went very quickly this year. "It was late this year" people kept saying - as their tired children struggled through a very long school term. But life in our house is yet to be run according to school bells and semesters - so we pottered on in our own time.

Lola had 3 separate easter egg hunts, and last years Bunny basket was put to very good use (blogged about back here).  We spent the easter weekend visiting with family and just slowing down a bit..

But the weeks preceeding Easter were filled with a project. I found a dolls house at the Rocklea discovery markets one Saturday, and paid a sweet $25 for it (found out later it's actually 'Hanna Montanas Malibu Beach house).  It came complete with 2 naked barbies, rooms full of tacky furniture, some stained flooring, and a thick layer of dirt and dust all over it.. Here is a before photo of the dolls house in all it's 'hideous' glory:

But I knew it would be gorgeous with a bit of new flooring and a good clean. So it got the following makeover:

- a nice hot bath in warm, soapy water and a few days in the sun to dry
- new wallpaper (scrapbook paper stuck to the walls with double sided tape)
- new flooring which was just simple contact from kmart (thanks for the idea Belinda). Looks great but was a helluva job to cut and stick down :)
- I tossed half the homewares and only kept the good stuff.
- I made a few soft homefurnishings for the house (a quilt like lola's)
- and I made barbie a new outfit for the grand unveiling (a girls gotta look good right?)

And I think Lola loved it

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  1. Awesome!!! It reminds me of the dollhouse my Dad made me out of a gutted old fashioned tv. I remember it being the best surprise ever and by the looks of Lola's face she did too. Good one mamajuliemadeit!!!
    Love your favourite Canaussie Friend X