Friday, September 16, 2011

swingin' top..

I found a pattern on Etsy recently for a gorgeous little girls top. I'm pretty sure it was a 'wild' Friday night at home when I found it, and had no real 'need' for it, but just liked it instantly.

The Amelia Top pattern was perfect for me. It was clear, concise and I was able to knock it up in a couple of hours (I take things like this very slowly, and follow the instructions to the letter... the first time I make something anyway :)).. There was ironing AND pinning (which is probably why the top worked out so nicely!)..

Lola liked it when I gave it to her a few days ago, but when I asked her if she wanted to wear it that day she said "no thanks mum".. It's now 2 days later - and I'm not proud to say this - but emotional manipulation finally won out and she put it on for me (I actually said 'so you don't want it, but you don't want me to give it to someone else?' and she said 'yeah..').

But she wore it for me this afternoon long enough to take some photos.. Hopefully it won't be the first and last time she puts it on :)


  1. It's Lovely!! I so love what you did with the buttons, great idea! So glad you enjoyed the pattern! :)

    Rachel Stellato