Monday, August 16, 2010

The neglected one's...

I find it really difficult to rationalise time spent crafting.. I say to myself that it's 'me time', and anything that makes me happy makes me a nicer mama. I make things for my daughter, and say to myself that she will have special things that I've made for her with love. But it's the times that she's hanging onto my arm while I try to finish one last seam, or screaming at me for a cuddle while I finish cutting one more pattern - that I find the most difficult.  She's not yet 2 and can't understand the irrational logic that I cling to..  All she knows is that her mama isn't paying her the attention that she wants right at that moment.

One of the ways that help me rationalise things, is to spend time crafting with friends. Again - they're the friends I choose for me - but I will admit she does love her friendships as much as I love mine. And with a whole new set of toys and experiences at each house we go to - the visits bring many happy memories, cups of tea, and sugary treats for both mama and daughter.


  1. I hear ya sista! So glad we made it onto the crafty friends list :) You know I have the same issues - have no solution though! Kat xx

  2. solution: stay up late and become a zombie mummy the next day?

    definitely though, me time makes for happy mums. unfortunately sometimes i want me time in the middle of the day (and sometimes every day, for hours?)