Monday, August 9, 2010

Everything is growing..

Things are growing at an alarming rate in our little household these days...

The vegetable patch has gotten out of control (don't you love 'action girl' in this shot)

We've been eating fresh beetroot (round 1 of the vege patch planting has highlighted a slight issue of overcrowding - so these biggish beets were a surprise)

The tomato plant is 'finally' starting to produce (although nothing is ready to eat yet)

The father of the house has gotten 1 year older

Baby Andrew is now 21weeks developed

And of course our sweet daughter Lola is just growing by the day (as is her new fascination with dress up clothes?).. lucky we have plenty on hand from her cousins

My crafting is coming along again these days, and I'll have some images of the quilt I'm making for Lola in the next few days. It's very exciting :)

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