Thursday, April 15, 2010

new dress pattern - thanks to Soulemama :)

I'm a bit excited (although I feel like a bit of a stalker whenever I talk about Soulemama) but she's blogged about a dress today - and it's something I've been looking for.

I made Lola a 'pinafore' dress recently (which I drafted up from one I bought) and I love the style (I blogged about it here and here). It's the type of dress she could wear all year round (only a few months here in Queensland require any warm clothing).

Only problem with the dress though, was that it didn't cover her bum. Which is all cute, and sweet when she toddles around in her cloth nappies - but I wondered whether I could modify it or find a new pattern where it was more of a dress/dress (if that makes sense).

And today while I was doing my daily check of Soulemama's blog (yes I know, 'daily' - sometimes even twice daily) - I found that she'd made this dress for her daughter:

Image from Soulemama's blog

And I linked off and found the pattern at Nearsea Naturals:

image courtesy of Nearsea Naturals

image courtesy of Nearsea Naturals

So of course I had to order the pattern. I wonder how long till they sell out now that Soulemama has blogged about it?

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