Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg hunting with 18 month olds...

I've got to say - I was soooo excited about Lola's first Easter Egg hunt.  I will admit to having thought to myself - 'what pure joy must there be in finding golden foil covered balls of chocolate hidden in the depths of the garden'.. through the eyes of an 18 month old of course :)

But I'd have to say Lola's favourite part of the day was putting the eggs into her basket - then taking them out - then putting them back in again (repeatedly..). 

My favourite part of the day was laughing at us parents demanding our children 'focus' and 'get out there and pick up as many eggs as they could (for them of course, not for their Mamas at all??) 

The kids were content to wander aimlessly and eat the foil for the better part of the afternoon. Which, while it was cute, kinda frustrated me a bit. I couldn't get past the fact that there was chocolate out there to be found!!

Oh, and everyone loved their Easter baskets. There was definitely an adequate amount of 'ooh-ing and ahh-ing' from the wee ones and the parents to make the job worth it.

The cute kids

and the cute Dads

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