Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reversible Pinafores - Lola's wardrobe is now complete..

Lola and I got up early this morning and headed off to Ipswich to visit the Handmade Expo markets at the Ipswich Turf club. I really wanted to get there before anyone else arrived so Lola and I could wander and see what was available (she wants to walk everywhere now as well, so that was another reason I wanted to avoid big crowds).

So, did we enjoy ourselves? Yeah - I'm really glad we went. There were a LOT of stalls, and I'd say there were a handful of ones I really liked.

First thing we bought was a little hand whittled-wooden puppy dog for only $3! I couldn't believe it was only that much considering the work that must have gone into it? so Lola held onto that while we wandered around.

Then I found this gorgeous reversible Pinafore from Rod n Lil (etsy store here).

The hardest part was choosing which fabrics I liked the best (there was a lot of "I like the front of this one.. but the back on that one..) For only $20 - I can see Lola getting so much wear out of it this summer (and even next summer - it looks to be one of those items of clothing that will grow with her..)

And lastly we picked up a Sandwich wrap from Mumatopia (her store is here).
We bought it for Si actually - he's the 'sandwich king', and I've hidden it away and we'll wrap it up for him for Christmas. It's lined with PVC table liner on the inside, and has velcro so you can wrap your food up nice and snug. And the lady had an awesome 'felt sandwich' which she used a to demonstrate her product, which was cool too.

So, that was our visit to the Handmade expo. Definitely worth the drive to Ipswich.. It even got me motivated to do some sewing this afternoon. More on that next week :)


  1. Oh wow, thanks for coming and we are glad that you had a lovely time... there is so much there worth seeing and we are glad that you agree.

    Merry Christmas and we will hopefully see you in February.


  2. Gl;ad you found us and enjoyed your visit and picked up some great things !

  3. oooo, i really like that pinafore. . .x

  4. Thanks for the wrap about my wraps. : )