Monday, March 29, 2010

The vege patch - Round 1 (Autumn 2010)

The gardens have been built.

The soil has been prepared.

The seeds have been received.

The crop has been planted.

The waiting has begun. 

Garden Bed 1:

Lettuce Salad mix (Yates)
Coriander (Diggers)
Carrot All Seasons (Diggers)
Beetroot Bull's Blood (Diggers)
Dill (Diggers)

Garden Bed 2:

Mint (donated from Kat's garden)
Broccoli (Lily - MIL - gave to me)
Heirloom Bean Lazy Housewife (Diggers)
Parsley (from Lily)
Rosemary (from Nana)
Chilli (from Lily)


Garden Bed 3:

Grosse Lisse Tomatoes (Diggers)
Tomato 5 colour Heirloom pack (Diggers)
Thyme (Diggers)
Sweet Basil (Diggers)
Broccoli Green Sprouting (Diggers)


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