Monday, January 30, 2012

Visit to Great Nana's

Everyone loves my Nana.  No more than we do of course, but she is an awesome lady.

She's 90, lives alone (unless you count her birds), and still sends birthday cards to every person in her large, extended family .  She loves her family,  her cockatiels, doing find-a-words, watching the tennis, Bold and the Beautiful and the Saturday night gold lotto draw.  She tells me she only wants to win lotto so she can give it all to us.

Whenever we go to my parents house, we always try to catch up with Nana. If it's a Sunday morning - there will definitely be fresh baked scones and cream.   But any time you drop in, there will always be a cup of tea made with extra love.

Here's a recent picture of her at her 90th back in October 2011 (because she won't like the pic I posted of her already because she hadn't brushed her hair)..

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