Friday, January 27, 2012

i don't like kindy :(

It appears I was too quick to blog about how my kids feel about kindy. Apparantly the first day often goes well, but it's the second day, when the children realise that this is their new reality, and the crying begins.

I got the shock of my life on that second day when I dropped both children off to the day care centre.  Neither of them wanted me to leave, although it was only Lola who could articulate that.  However she chose to skip the words that day, and launched straight into the crying and screaming.  The kids are in two different rooms - at alternate ends of the centre, but there was a point that morning where it didn't matter where I was - I could hear both of them crying. I'll admit I was more shocked than sad.  I just hadn't expected the distress, after both kids having had such a great first day.  I phoned the centre about 5 times that day to see whether they wanted me to come collect the kids - but each time they reassured me that things were manageable - and to call back in an hour if I wanted.

We all made it through that day. And I'd like to say it's getting easier for everyone, but it's still hard.  It makes me sad that they think I wouldn't come back for them.  But it's my favourite part of the day when I pick them up.  They are so happy to see me, and Lola always has things to show me. She still says 'i don't like kindy', but her teacher assures me that she's participating in the activities and settles down quickly each morning after I leave.  Andrew cries when he sees me at pick up time, and  crawls to me so fast and wraps himself around me when I bundle him in my arms.

I'm certain they know that we love them, but even so, we tell them a lot more now.

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