Sunday, October 23, 2011

fruit trees update

The vegetable patch in our backyard is still producing. It's in that lovely self-perpetuating state where it's growing from neglect (which suits us fine!).  There is plenty of room for more planting and tending mind you - but the things that are growing - are growing really well - particularly our cherry tomatoes.

Our fruit trees on the other hand - well, they're taking their time..  We did some more measurements this afternoon to check that they are actually growing, but they're not producing any fruit yet (and still a fair way to go I'd say).

Lemon Tree
Details: Citrus x limon "Eurekea"
Rootstock Swingle (East Coast Citrus, NSW)

Plant height today (23rd Oct 2011): 1 mtr 76cm
(Growth of 73cm over 13 months)

Lime Tree
Details: Lime Tahitian
Rootstock Trifoliata

Plant height today (23rd Oct 2011): 1 mtr 27cm
(Growth of 10cm over 13 months)

Lychee Tree
Details: Litchi chinesis (Bowsworth 3)

Plant height today (23rd Oct 2011): 72cm
(Growth of -28cm over 13 months - there was an incident and the lychee tree got struck by a wayward branch, hence the decrease in size this year))

Mandarin Tree
Details: Mandarin Emporor
Rootstock: Trifoliata

Plant height today (23rd Oct 2011): 1 mtr 30cm
(Growth of 27cm over 13 months)

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