Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lola turns 3 - the birthday dress unveiled..

Our beautiful daughter turned 3 a few days ago.

Invitations went out weeks ago

and we had a lovely little backyard party for her, and she celebrated with close family and friends.

The day was a classic Qld weather day - hot and humid, followed by a thunderous storm about 5pm that afternoon. Fortunately for us, there was no rain so we were able to put up our jumping castle and let the kids run free in the yard.

The cake was a huge hit. She loved it and I must admit it was fun to make (only because my awesome sister came over for the night to help me decorate it, and we made a dash to the bottle-O before we started).

And, if I do say so myself, Lola looked awesome in her birthday girl dress. She got lots of comments about how gorgeous she looked, and Poppy even told her she looked like a box of smarties (that comment could well have gone either way, but she was happy with it!)

and her party bags/thank you's were ever so cute.  My clever friend Hsuey drew this up in minutes, and they were printed and stapled onto clear bags with a giant chocolate freckle inside (sorry no pics - I realised just as I was breaking into the last one that I hadn't photographed them! I looove freckles).

I love having parties at our house. It's part of my personality that I love having people around all the time - and a party in my own 'environment' makes me very happy.  And we have a great house for parties.. It's finally coming together and most of our clutter is finding a home. The outside to inside flow makes it easy for the kids to come and go as they please.  And fortunately for me, we get to do it all again in about 6 weeks for Andrew's 1st birthday.

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