Friday, April 8, 2011

Turning 1...

As I see it, turning one is a huge milestone in a childs life. But when your very first child turns one - there really is double reason to celebrate. All congratulations (of course) must go to the child on the occassion - but the 'new' parents really deserve to congratulate themselves as well.

Because when your baby is first born, you never feel like that first year will end. It's hard work. It's messy. It's tiring. and it's emotional. And while older people will tell you 'it all goes very quickly' - it's difficult to believe that when you're lost in that first year.

But when baby turns one - you deserve to congratulate yourselves.  After all - it's been all the decisions you've made together as a family that have bought you to this point.  And no two families do it the same way.  You've done it your own way, and you've created precedents and traditions that will carry on throughout the years. 

A tradition that we adopted was the Birthday banner - originally blogged about by Soulemama here. I like that it hangs proudly in the background of all our family photo's since our daughter had her first birthday.

And it is with much love - that I made another one this year for our dear friends "The Kelly's". So when the banner arrives in Canada guys, I hope you'll hang it for Stella's first birthday celebration - it will be like we're there with you..  in a special way, not in a stalky way :)

Here's a sneak peak for you Libs

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  1. Ohhhhhh I loooooooooove it - I have tears in my eyes.... I can't wait to have the banner in my hands to feel the love it was made with.
    The Kellys will treasure the birthday banner for many years to come as you'll see in our photos.
    Love Libx