Friday, April 1, 2011

Boxed cushion covers...

This was one of my sewing projects that I kept delaying because it wasn't as fun or rewarding as a ruffle skirt or a funky kids hat. It was a task of necessity - and I'll admit that I only did it eventually because I could no longer turn the cushion over.. One side was badly torn, and this project got bumped up the list after a little 'accident' that Lola had on it yesterday.. So after cleaning and drying the foam in the sun for the day - I decided I had to sew a new cover for the cushion.

I had already tried to sew one a few months ago - but I hadn't found clear instructions and I ran into problems at the end (velcro was not the neatest way to close the cushion cover at the back).   But I found this tutorial on Sew Mama Sew and it was awesome. I decided not to bother with the piping - but everything else worked exactly as the tute said it would.  And I reused the zipper out of the old cushion cover and it is a million times neater than my dodgy 'velcro' attempt on the other cushion.

So I now have two matching cushions on our lounge chairs. They'll look lovely for the next 10 weeks until our new black leather lounge suite arrives (purchased on our 3 year wedding anniversary - which is 'leather'). But don't worry - they'll get a second life somewhere in our house. Trust me - nothing ever gets thrown away in this house :)

Here's evidence of my successful zipper placement

And finally here's evidence of why I would never get hired as an interior designer..

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