Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday afternoon

Last weekend, the kids and I ventured into the city. We only live 15kms away from the town centre, but we hardly ever go in there. I always loved going to town before I had children. I love the fact that the people you see in there aren't just the kind of people who live in your own neighbourhood. You get all sorts :)

I felt really nervous taking the kids in there. I feel like the city centre is not a place for kids. I can't explain why - maybe because there's little room for them to run free on, and also too because it's just so damn busy.    The potential to lose them is quite high :)

But I thought a trip in on a Saturday afternoon to see the Christmas windows in Queen street mall would be a good place to start. It wasn't too busy, and we drove in because we had a cheap parking option and also so I could make a quick getaway in case things went haywire.

But I'm pleased to say it was a fantastic afternoon. Lola loved all the tall buildings. Andrew happily stayed in his pram the whole time we were in there.  We saw Santa, we had Royal Copenhagan icecream in the mall while listening to live music and we crossed the bridge to Southbank and played in the waterpark.

It was a successful mission, and it totally reminded me how much I do love the city.

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