Friday, January 1, 2010

New year, new plans..

So, we've been in our home now for a couple of years, and there are still many things we own which have not yet found a space to live.. There are lots of reasons for this, but mostly they are just excuses.. we've had a baby, we've been renovating, we went overseas etc.. So this year I have decided it's time to work out a way to live in this house, with all our 'things' and not feel overwhelmed by all the clutter.

My wonderful neighbout kat asked me if I'd heard of flylady - an online resource to help you bring order to your home and life. I like the way her 'Beginner babysteps' give you somewhere to start, which in my case, is always the hardest part.

So, I made the most of day one of 2010 - and I shined my sink. Flylady says it's "the" place to start. I even got out the Shannon Lush books and used bicarb soda and vinegar to get the job done.

So I am starting this year optimistically. I took a good hard look at myself today, in my shiny sink - and I vowed that this year I would do my best to make our home feel organised and happy for our family. I will cook healthier meals and I will cook more often, I will wash up at least once a day, I will take care to wipe - at least once - every corner of this home, and I will spend more time just enjoying our house with my family.

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  1. Good on you Jules! You have an awesome neighbour :)