Sunday, November 22, 2009


This weekend didn't go to plan. We had anticipated relaxing and cooling ourselves on a Northern NSW beach, but instead had to make do with the baby bath in the back yard.

It all started with an icecream (a chocolate Billabong). And it ended in the bath/bucket in the only patch of shade in our backyard currently (between the washing line and the shed).

At some point during the afternoon, I put Lola in the wetshirt and hat that her grandma Lily made. Lily had picked up some fabric at a closing down sale, and wasn't sure what to do with it. Originally she made the hat (in the photo's) and thought it would be good for Lola to wear in the water. That gave me an idea, so the next time Grandma came to visit, I sent her home with Lola's wet shirt (which she's about to outgrow) and asked if she could please have a go at making one of these (my sewing skills aren't there yet). She did a great job - but I'm not entirely sure that it's going to be sun proof enough for our QLD sun. I think it's just a lycra fabric? I might have to do some googling, but if anyone can advise - I'd be very appreciative.

The sun is so hot here right now, and I think I'd need to be 100% sure that my baby's skin is protected before I let her go too crazy in the sunshine :) Although having said that - I couldn't keep her out of it today (nor the dirt for that matter).

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  1. awww, looks fun - though i dont know if it was as fun as being sandblasted a million miles an hour on a beach?!
    nice mosaic too x